SP Flash Tool

Android owns the biggest and fastest-growing share of the mobile operating system market in 2021. What makes Android so popular? It can be the contribution they make for the open-source Linux community, User-friendliness of the Operating system, or correlation of the more than 300 hardware and carrier partners.

However, free and open-source code is the reason for its rapid development. Mediatek is one of the most popular chipsets that takes hand in hand in this mission. So today we are going to flash the android device with Mediatek IC with sp flash tool download.

Why people flash their android devices?

Flashing firmware becomes much easier with third-party tools such as the SP too. These were developed for doing the difficult part for us. We only have to click few buttons. Hence we don't have to be experts for flashing firmware. After the custom ROM comes to the play, flashing becomes even more normalized.

However, with this, we can upgrade or downgrade the operating systems, add new functions and features that the original operating system couldn't offer, unroot devices, and bring it back to default settings, customize the user interface and so many more.

Smart Phone Flash Tool Download

Mediatek is one of the best IC manufacturers out there. The association between them and the android operating system able to bring some best android mobile devices to the market. Including some popular brands like Samsung, Redmi, Xiaomi, and Realme.

But when it comes to flashing these devices it's tricky because MediaTek does not release its kernel codes. But as a solution, they developed and released the MTK flash tool aka SP flash tool. It supports the software-related issues on Mediatek handsets and improves the performance of their processors.

sp flash tool download

sp flash tool latest version 2021 can be download here by the provided links.

Capabilities of SP flash tool

  • Ability in flashing both scatter based stock Roms and Custom Roms
  • Unlike most flashing tools sp flash tool can be run in Linux just as Windows.
  • Comparable faster performance
  • External Ram memory testing and verifying
  • Fixing soft bricked and hard bricked MTK devices
  • Custom recovery flashing
  • Reset or format the device
  • Parameter reading and writing

Installing MediaTek USB-VCOM drivers for sp flash tool latest versions

If your Windows PC won't allow you to install Mediateck drivers you already downloaded. You just have to disable the signature verification enforcement process.

  1. Go to start menu --> Settings --> Update and security --> Recovery --> Advanced setup and then Restart now.
  2. Next go to troubleshoot --> advanced options --> startup settings --> Restart
  3. Now the startup setting screen will appear with the restart of the PC
  4. Press F7. It will disable the signature verification enforcement temporarily until the next restart.
  5. Finally, you will be able to install MediaTek USB-VCOM drivers on your PC.

How to Flash Scatter firmware using MTK flash tool

This process can be done with both sp flash tool v3 and sp flash tool v5. But for the best practice use the latest one.

  1. Firstly, you should install the necessary Mediatek drivers.
  2. Then download the Stock Rom you want to flash and extract it to a new folder on your PC
  3. It's time to download the SP flash tool's latest version 2021.
  4. Extract it after sp flash tool download.
  5. Go to the extracted folder and you will see a bunch of various files and folders. From that select, the flash_tool.exe folder, open, and run it. It's hard to miss because it's the one with the android icon. The tool will launch and you have to click on choose button on scatter-loading.
  6. Next, provide the scatter file to the related slot. It's on the extracted folder of the stock ROM. Select the file and click Open.
  7. After that, you will see the file loaded in the tool. From the table, untick the Preloader option. Because it can brick the device if you do.
  8. Now the flashing process will begin soon after you click the download button.
  9. Then you should connect the mobile phone with the computer using a USB cable. But make sure to press volume up or down buttons to detect the device by smartphone flash tool.
  10. The flashing process will automatically begin after the device is detected.
  11. It will take few minutes for the flashing process.
  12. Finally, you will see a green ring pop up window indicating it's done when the flashing finishes.

How To Flash Custom ROM Using Sp Flash Tool

  1. First, you have to download a custom ROM. Make sure the custom Rom compatible with the Mediatek chipset.
  2. Unzip and extract it into a new folder.
  3. If you haven't install MediaTek USB-VCOM drivers already, make sure to do that before proceeding.
  4. SP flash tool download is the next step.
  5. Then launch it as an administrator
  6. Now load the scatter file in the firmware file into the scatter-loading.
  7. Next select download agent and select MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin in the smartphone flash tool
  8. Then check the validation after going to Format.
  9. It's time to connect the device. Turn it off and connect it with the PC with a USB cable. Next, click the start button.
  10. Disconnect the device now. Then click the download button. It's in the download tab.
  11. Connect the device again with the PC just like before.
  12. Finally, the custom ROM installation will start its process.
  13. You have to wait 10-15 minutes to finish it completely.
  14. When it did you will see a green pop-up ring message.


Why I should use the MTK flash tool for flashing?

If you have MediaTek powered chipset in your android phone this is the best flashing tool you could use.

What is a scatter file?

A scatter file is a text file (.txt) that is specifically can be found in Mediatek's ARM architecture. It uses to describe the android device and loads of regions in it. And for flashing such a file you should use a tool such as android flashing tool for pc

Where do I find the scatter file?

you can find the scatter file in the Stock ROM of your download ROM file.

Is SP flash tool download is completely free?

Yes, it is. It is the most popular flash tool you could get for completely free. No hidden charges. No spam. Nonetheless, it will help you with the flashing stocks, kernels, recovery files, and custom firmware in any Mediatek handsets.

What if the SP flash tool couldn't detect my phone?

This problem can occur in some Meditek Micromax handsets. If this issue rise when you flashing hold the volume up button when you connect it to the PC. Then the tool will recognize the device. But keep pressing it until flashing completes. Release it after the progress bar become completely red.

Does the SP flash tool need an internet connection?

You only want an internet connection to the SP flash tool download from the web. Everything else can be done offline including flash firmware, recovery files, or kernels.